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Engaging in Social Conversations: First Few Thoughts

In Social Media on December 17, 2009 at 12:23 pm

Conversations, conversations, Conversations……holla holla holla, our beloved social media experts do you have something else to talk about, In this post I really want to focus on a few specific examples of some very common conversations and what brands can do about them.

These conversations have been there in the past as well there is nothing new about them or is it as Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas explain in their conversation prism which graphically points out the real power of the social web.

As the social sphere has already started showing some signs of saturation with some flat stats coming up over the past few months what we really need to focus on is what to with them, if as a brand you have no idea about what to do with them then there is no point getting into a conversation first up.

Now, this would be a bit confusing folks as a brand the most reliable asset which you have is the commodity which you are selling and all the other much talked about stuff plays a supporting role.

The real power of social media lies in the fact that conversations can be dealt with not by just getting into the message and saying me too but by evangelizing the product or the service on the basis of these conversations regularly.

Given below are a few examples of these conversations which happen in our daily life.

Between us and our friends –

There are a lot of brands which are involved in daily conversations between us and our friends and in most of the cases they are based on the “cool factor”, no matter it’s the latest phone in the market or the hottest car if it does not have the cool appeal it will not get talked about as you want it to be.

Brand Champs Listen, Forget about what meant to be cool in our high school in today’s world people like Brian Solis, Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuk are as cool as Brad Pitt or Jude Law, the reason being that the smallest possible niche no matter where it lies in the world can be easily cited by people who want to know about it and they can easily create there on cool in it.

So brands have to understand that not everybody would say their stuff is cool but now the obvious goodie of social media that you can easily find people who want to talk about you and your stuff, So get to them learn why your product is cool for them and give them a better platform so that they can tell more people about it.

Between us and our parents –

Lets take this one as a one-sided conversation, when usually our parents talk to us they advice us on something right and now they have started this on the social web as well because most of them are using all these tools.

Brands Champs Listen, after you have heard of search a conversation happening the best thing to learn is that what is it in your brand that makes the parents have an essence of trust so that they can blindly tell there children about it.

If you are not in the conversation but your competition is start working on what makes them more trustworthy then you.

Between us and our bosses –

Let’s consider the two sides of this conversation, what are two most common things that happen in our office? Either we pitch in for a product or a service which you think would make the work better in some way or your Boss orders you to add something.

Brand Champs Listen, when you get a chance to sight such a conversation and again the best thing you can do is to learn what sort of faith the employee should have in your brand and what sort of belief the boss should have in your brand to recommend it in each case.

So it’s quite clear it’s not about getting in to the conversation and saying thank you or sorry it’s about understanding it to the core and changing your commodity to some extent and believe me you can’t travel the distance from commodity to a brand easily you have to engineer your product and conversations will help to a great extent in doing that.

I have just mentioned 3 of these above but there are millions of them happening out there and now don’t tell me you can’t measure the strength of so many conversations, When David Berkowitz has 100 ways to do that only a few out of these can make it work for you.

Please share your thoughts on what else can we do with conversations and make them work mutually.

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